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VOYAGER Fishing Reports

February 15, 2018

We finally made a Cod trip last weekend after many blow-outs through January and February.   The fishing reports from other boats were very poor with boats catching only a fish or two each and sometimes even nothing.   After hearing those reports, we changed our game plan and hit some deep water wrecks instead of going to Block Island.   The fishing was okay with a good number of short Cod, a bunch of nice keeper Cod, Pollock, and White Hake.   We also had about 150 Ling.   Not a great trip, but better than the reports of the prior day and of the day we were out.

The biggest problem we see is that the trip is NOT repeatable.   By this we mean that we cleaned off the wrecks we fished and probably cannot go back for some time.   If we do go back, we guess that the results would not be as good.

With a lot of the wrecks having been fished by us and other boats, we don't feel they give us a fair shot at catching much moving forward.    Additionally, the traditional fishing around Block Island has been poor and very sporadic.   Given these things, we made the decision to cancel the two remaining Block Island/NE Wreck trips.   We will also cancel the two remaining Porgy/Cod trips.   We do apologize for any inconvenience.

If you want to catch Cod we suggest rolling your money into one of our 1.5-day or 2.5-day Nantucket Trips available April through August or an April overnight Limited Load Cod Trip.   You can also use your money for any of our other offshore trips such as Tilefish, Tuna, Sea Bass, or Ling (see schedule) or leave your money on credit for a future trip when you decide.   Lastly, you are always more than welcome to request a refund.   Whatever you choose, please let us know by e-mail at


January 25, 2018

We want to start by thanking everyone who fished with us in 2017.   We hope you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you again this year on one of our many adventures.



The following are some 2018 trip description highlights along with a few important items about our booking policies.


After two exceptional NANTUCKET COD, POLLOCK, HADDOCK AND HAKE TRIPS last season we are very excited to announce an expanded Nantucket schedule for 2018.   We will start our Nantucket season off with two slightly shorter 1.5-DAY NANTUCKET WRECK TRIPS in April.   These trips will fish from sunrise until after sunset on a number of legendary wrecks such as the Republic, Pan Pennsylvania, and Andrea Doria for COD, POLLOCK and HAKE.   We will sail on Friday evenings returning Sunday morning around 10:00 AM.

From May through the end of summer we will be doing the longer 2.5-DAY NANTUCKET TRIPS.   In May and June we will split our trips up between wrecks and open bottom jigging.   In July and August we will spend some of the trip fishing for FLUKE around Nantucket and the rest of the time on the jigging grounds for COD and POLLOCK.   For those of you that were with us last year we will once again be doing a MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 2.5-DAY NANTUCKET ADVENTURE!  We have also modified the sailing schedule on our longer trips so that all trips (except the Memorial Day weekend trip) return on Sunday mornings.   This should make it easier for folks to return to work Monday morning.   The trips will leave at 6:00 PM Thursday and return at approximately 10:00 AM on Sunday.   These trips will be limited to just 32 anglers for your fishing comfort.

We also will be doing Friday night BLOCK ISLAND AND NORTHEAST COD WRECKS TRIPS in February and LIMITED LOAD COD WRECK TRIPS throughout the spring and summer.   The LIMITED LOAD COD TRIPS fish wrecks from 40-80 miles offshore.   They leave at 12:30 AM and return around 6:00 PM and are limited to 35 anglers.   Please see our Trip Calendar page for specific dates.   All anglers get bunks on these trips.


Last year we had super Ling fishing on a number of offshore spots during the summer.
   Anglers frequently landed 50-75+ Ling per person as well as some Sea Bass and Cod.   In an effort to take advantage of one of the best eating fish we catch, we are running some overnight trips to these offshore areas.   The VOYAGER will be leaving at 12:30 AM and returning later that same day between 6:00 - 7:00PM.   These trips will be by reservation only so don’t miss out!


This year we will once again have 2-DAY MULTI-SPECIES TRIPS in addition to 2-DAY TILEFISH ONLY TRIPS.   This is a response to those folks that want to utilize their time offshore to fish for more than one species.   The trips you can look for this season include 1.5-DAY and 2-DAY TILEFISH/ROSEFISH, TILEFISH/MID-RANGE WRECKS (Cod, Pollock, Ling), and TILEFISH/MAHI trips.

This year we are doing three WORLD RECORD HUNTS.   The first two are 2-day limited load trips taking only 21 people, and the third is a 2.5-day limited load trip taking 23 people.

This year, in an effort to find new unfished grounds, we will be doing a 2-DAY DEEP WATER EXPLORATORY TRIP.   On this trip we will fish depths from 800 to 1,500 feet.   While not mandatory, electric reels are suggested.


This year’s TUNA schedule starts off with a number of 30-HOUR TUNA/MAHI TRIPS on both weekdays and weekends.   By the third week of September we switch to our regular TUNA schedule offering two 30-hour trips during the week and three 21-hour trips on weekends.   For the extra hearty angler we have a special COLUMBUS DAY 2-DAY TUNA/MAHI TRIP featuring two nights of Tuna fishing.   This trip leaves at 5:00 PM on Saturday night October 6 and returns between 2-3:00 PM on Monday October 8.   All Tuna trips are limited to 26 passengers unless otherwise specified.   All anglers get bunks on Voyager Tuna trips.


This season we will be fishing for JUMBO SEA BASS AND PORGIES leaving at 11:00 PM on most Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in November and December.   We plan to start these overnight trips in early November and head out to the eastern wrecks to "meet" the fall Sea Bass migration.

After excellent trips to BLOCK ISLAND last fall we will continue our BLOCK ISLAND COD, SEA BASS AND PORGY TRIPS on Sunday nights starting at the beginning of November and going through mid-December.   Please see our Trip Calendar page for specific dates.   All anglers get bunks on these trips.


Due to the cost of fuel and our strict capacity limits, we cannot be responsible for changes in YOUR plans.   If you book a trip and cannot go, it is your responsibility to fill the spot.   We will NOT be keeping a waiting list.   You have to think of it like going to a Yankees baseball game.   If you buy a ticket and the game is played but you can't go, it is up to you to sell your ticket or give it away.   So please make sure that you don't have any schedule conflicts before you book a trip.

To book a trip or trips E-mail us at (and not any other potentially old and obsolete email address you may have for us) or call our office at (732) 295-3019.

An E-mail is best since we process them first.

- Let us know what trip(s) you want and that you are sending in a reservation form and payment.   We will put your name on the boarding list in the order that you contact us and hold your spot for Seven (7) Days.   You will not receive boarding numbers until we receive your reservation form and payment.

FOR TRIPS SAILING IN MAY-DECEMBER - Let us know what trip(s) you want and that you are sending in a reservation form and payment.   We will put your name on the boarding list in the order that you contact us and hold your spot(s) until March 31 with no payment or obligation.   You will not receive boarding numbers until we receive your reservation form and payment.   If we do not receive payment by March 31, we will delete you from the boarding list and you will lose your boarding spot and will then need to re-book.

Unfortunately, I am a one-man show in the office until August and between running trips and office work, I will not have time to make courtesy calls to remind you to pay.   It is your responsibility to make your payment on time.   It is also your responsibility to know what trips you are supposed to be on so the excuse of "I forgot I was on last Sunday's trip" will not fly.

Please contact us even if you had previously mentioned that you wanted to be on a certain trip or trips.   It was quite a while ago and we don't want to forget anyone.

Please see our Policies page before sending in any payments.

While we always reserve the right to overbook each trip by two people, we try not to do it since space is always at a premium.   Following the payment procedure above will allow us to stick to our passenger limits.

Lastly, if any 2 or 2-day trip is significantly shortened due to adverse weather conditions, anglers will receive a credit ticket for a future trip for an amount determined by the Captain.   There will be NO CASH REFUNDS.

We look forward to our 2018 FISHING TRIPS and seeing you at the boat.   Thank you again for fishing aboard the VOYAGER.

January 19, 2018

Our FULL-YEAR 2018 SCHEDULE will be posted on or about 9:30 AM on Thursday morning January 25.
We will also be sending out our newsletter around the same time and highlighting some of the new and exciting adventures we have planned for this season.   Just a reminder, e-mail trip requests will always be handled first.
E-mails should be sent to

This Sunday morning, January 21 at 2:00 AM we have an offshore PORGY, COD and POLLOCK TRIP scheduled.
The weather looks great for the trip and we are hoping to get into some rod bending Jumbo Porgies as well as a few Cod.   We still have lots of room so if you are interested please e-mail us or call 732-295-3019 and leave a message. 

We have also recently posted our trip schedule for February 2018.   You can view it on our Trip Calendar page.   Again, if you are interested in booking a trip, please e-mail us at or call 732-295-3019 and leave a message.

December 31, 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, we wanted to give you our sincere thanks for fishing aboard the VOYAGER.
The coming year holds some really extraordinary fishing adventures and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.
Thank you once again for being a VOYAGER angler.


Captain Jeff and the Crew of the VOYAGER

See all of the Trip Photos from the second half of December on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery page.

December 15, 2017

Here are a few photos from the VOYAGER OFFSHORE SEA BASS TRIP on December 15.
   It was a great day out on the water and the fishing was lights out!   More photos from this trip are on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery page.

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